Specialized and Personalized Basic Computer Literacy and Office Skills Training For Seniors, Late Starters, Beleagured Executives, Technophobes, and ALL STRUGGLING and OVERWHELMED BEGINNERS

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The Wired World Is Waiting for YOU!

If your new, or lack the knowledge and experience of using computers and the internet, then you know how much time can be wasted "clicking around" and trying to figure out how to get the most out of your equipment and internet access.


Adult Computer Literacy & Upskills Training In Toronto And LONDON

Professional Computer Education for Seniors, Technophobes, and ALL Mature Absolute Beginners or Office-Skills Upgraders

The times, are changing...
We’ll provide you with the 21st-Century’s “Missing Manual”

 The Best Training...   4-Beginners

We use a UNIQUE, proven approach designed to get RESULTS with:


and provide NEW EFFICIENCY and skills upgrades for OFFICE VETERANS

For more than 15 years in GREATER TORONTO and NOW ALSO IN LONDON, ONTARIO, Best 4 Beginners Computer Training and Owner, Pete Shears, B.A. (Comp.Sci.), (CIC) have delivered endlessly patient, enjoyable, goals-focused, professional basic computer literacy training, “21st-century digital life survival training”, and office computing skills upgrading bootcamps to mature adults, Seniors, technophobes, and ALL struggling computer beginners.

It’s never too late to be the student you would have liked to have been. Some popular computer training includes:

  •  Meet Your Computer 
  • Windows, 4 Beginners
  • Introduction To Safe Internet Search
  • Introduction To Files, Printing, Email Essentials
  • Microsoft Office Skills Upgrading (MS Outlook/Word/Excel)
  • ...Anything else with a plug you need help with
    (we can help with smartphones, tablets, remotes, pretty much any home device)

"Gentle Like A Butterfly. Useful Like A Bee."

At Best 4 Beginners Computer Training, we have a “special soft spot” as well as resources and computer products especially for Computer Beginners Who Are Seniors or Special Needs Learners.

(we provide specialized help for those with visual, mental, physical, and learning challenges)


Basic Computer Literacy

We offer custom-tailored training packages to fit the need of even the “toughest” absolute computer beginners. And seniors, or others with special needs are especially welcome!

Skills Upgrader “Bootcamps”

Career-switching or looking to promote a great field employee to the office? We’ll custom-fit an approach to go from home-user to office-ready BASED ON THE JOB DESCRIPTON in the shortest time possible. 

“Complete Care” Value Packages

4 Seniors and Gift-Giving

For those who need professional training but also a good, reliable, entry-level computer as well as someone to deliver it and professionally set it all up with some ongoing post-training support.

Meet Pete: Your Tutor, Coach, Computer Buddy, and Tour Guide

Pete Shears

“I will teach you how to think like a computer user and be independant.

As your teacher,
         I’m not successful until you are.”


“If a willing student does not learn, the fault is not the student’s, but the teacher’s.”
           ~Chinese Proverb


Shown above is my graduation in Computer Science from Western University in my mid-40's.  As a computer guy, as an educator, and trainer, now in my mid-50s, I love getting up and out every day to help others like you gain the skills I have such contagious passion for passing forward.

My “street credentials” includes tech support/training/websites at or for:

  • Ministry of Labour
  • Cervelo Cycles
  • CB Richard Ellis
  • Oracle
  • Toronto Jazz Orchestra
  • Fenco Automotive
  • Livingston International
  • Blue Flame Heating and Gas
  • University of Western Ontario
  • The Ministry of The Attorney General
  • Xerox (Bay St. Documents)
  • Center For Addiction and Mental Health (”Dream Team”)
  • Kostyniuk and Greenside, Lawyers

Seniors, Special Needs Learners, Law Firms and Small Businesses Throughout The GTA and Mississauga.

After 16 years of changing lives all over the GTA and Mississauga, I have now opened (while still providing great service to my clients in Toronto) a new, second location in London, Ontario where my wife and I grew up and met, and where we still have family. So, welcome all in London, to Best 4 Beginners!

     Learning Can Be Fun And Simple!

In a world where technology has no finish line, I have always been and am a “life-long learning evangelist” and I know how to make learning fun and simple.

I have helped hundreds of people with their computer training needs, and I know I can help you too. With 20 years of Customer Service on the front line of public service , 12 years of post-secondary education including business, law school, logic, philosophy, Computer Science, and multiple Certification courses, I have learned how to be patient and thorough with students. I have been teaching others, literally, since the age of 16,  and later as a  logic tutor to fellow computer science students at the University I attended.

Best 4 Beginners Learning Method

Pete's Teaching Method

“It’s not about memorization, it’s about observation and action"

“It’s not about clicking, it’s about understanding.”
 (are you open to new, clever concepts, that will save you time and effort?)

“Attitude is everything”, so...ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

“At Best 4 Beginners Computer Training, we’re qualified to teach computing to just about anyone...we just like Beginners Best”


All-u-need complete care value packages 4 gift-giving

Are You Here Looking On Behalf of a Loved One or Maybe Gift Shopping?

Why Not Give The Gift of Basic Computer Literacy?

“All-U-Need-4-Beginners” Value-Priced Startup Packages

Computer  + Setup + Training + Support

We’ll find it for you (even if it’s from someone else)

Computer Shopper Package ($150+ value on its own)
(for those needing both a computer and some training)

  • We find you the best deal among all the local, reputable, established places, and wholesale suppliers
  • You pick your price level and budget
  • We’ll do our own in-house check , test, and tweak and remove all “bloatware” that typically drive beginners crazy with “pop ups”. 
  • We’ll install any other software you have and would like to use on your new system.
  • Wholesale computers include a 3 year warranty.

We’ll bring it to you

Computer Complete Package ($200 – $900+ value on its own)
(for those who’d like everything and at a value price)

  • We find you the best deal among all the local, reputable, established places, and wholesale suppliers
  • You pick your price level and budget
  • We’ll do our own in-house check , test, and tweak and remove all “bloatware” that typically drive beginners crazy with “pop ups”. 
  • We’ll deliver and set up the system and transfer your data on your Desktop or Notebook
  • We’ll install any other software you have and would like to use on your new system.  

We’ll set it all up

Onsite Setup and Configuration Setup Service (starting at $140 value)
(for those just needing setup of their computer)

  • We will unpack, plug in and physically hook everything up, give your area an environmental review, and test that it's working
  • We will connect your computer with your current Internet Service Provider, (for e.g. Rogers or Bell) and if needed, talk “tech-to-tech” on your behalf with their help desk. 
  • We will help you to set up whatever online email accounts or other services you’d like and will NEVER see a password or financial information for both of our protection.
  • We will configure your system the way you like it and show you how to customize it to make it your own with things like displaying family photos on the desktop.
  • We will set up your computer's configuration optimally just the way like it, if there are any special needs.

Of COURSE we’ll teach you how to use it all

Choice of Complete Computer Literacy Lesson Plan Package (starting at $140 value)
(for those just needing training alone - gift certificates available)

  • Lesson Plans available are tailored to fit each beginner.
  • OR,... Substitute Basic Computer Literacy for Business Software Upgrading. 
  • We have 2-hour, 6-hour, and now 7-hour, , 10-hour and 13-hour lesson packages that fit most needs. This will be included in your “All-U-Need-4-Beginners Complete Care Package” quote, but after just a couple of questions to determine how we can best help, we can always custom-tailor our time to fit the need of any beginner or business.

We'll make sure it keeps working

Tech Support “Complete Care” Included ($200+ value on its own)
(for those needing ongoing support)

  • Package Includes 1 hour free remote tech support if needed.
  • Package includes reduced rate on any future onsite  or out-of-warranty assistance needed.
  • Package includes reduced “bench rate” for any out-of-warranty in-house services.

…and we welcome you on your journey with a “goodie bag”.

Because Who Doesn’t Like A Bonus? Past bonuses have included...

•    Computer Care Kit
•    Mousepad
•    USB Key (for personal data backup)
•    Digital Frame or Keychain
•    Coffee Mug

•    Welcome Card
•    Information Sheets
•    Best 4 Beginners Laminated Tips Placemat or Gloss Poster
•    Selected and Recommended Free Software Bundle
... and ALL in a nice, Best 4 Beginners cloth tote bag


Is The Coming Of The “Paperless World” Your SECRET Biggest Nightmare?

Definition of TECHNOPHOBIA

: fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices especially computers
First Known Use of TECHNOPHOBIA: 1965

 “It is the definition of insanity to keep trying the same thing and expect different results.”

        ~Albert Einstein

  • Exceptional Computer & Education Qualifications On Multiple Levels +
  • A Tutor With Significant Real World Computer Industry Experience +
  • Demonstrated Adult Teaching Experience +
  • Experienced “Technophobe Whisperer” and “Beginner Helper” +
  • Teaching Method Customized for Mature Absolute Beginners +
  • A Passion For And Track Record Of Being Truly Responsive and Helpful +
  • COMPLETE Computer Beginner Care In 1 Reliable Place


"Peter is one of the best computer guys I've ever encountered. He took time for an in-depth orientation, to get to know me, my strengths, my weaknesses, goals, and requirements.  He explained what he could and could not do. He tailored the way he taught me according to my absorption pattern.  He monitors progress from the customer's point of view.  He is personable, the kind of friendly, thoughtful, "real" person you like to be around.  It's easy to begin to think of Peter as a friend as well as a teacher and problem solver. And he follows up.  Based on my experience - and I'm a guy of 74 who owned his own directory publishing business for 25 years and is now engaged in research as an author - Peter is a good bet for anyone looking to improve their computer and internet productivity, and enjoy the process.  As far as I'm concerned, Peter is outstanding in his field."
Barrie Zwicker, Author, Towers Of Deception

"I learned more from you in 2 hours than I did in the last 2 years!”
Linda Chamberlain, Author and Activist (this is the inscription inside the copy of her wonderful auto-biography presented to Pete at the end of her first lesson with Best 4 Begnners)

Call Best 4 Beginners Today!

Perhaps you received a computer as a gift, are just setting up a device to comunicate with family and friends, or are getting overwhelmed by just getting set up and started.  Why waste countless hours and suffer the frustration of trying to figure out what you can do with your computer when we can help you at your location, in our office or remotely online to get the most out of your system's features and benefits. You'll save time and gain the confidence and knowledge to navigate around your computer system or device.


London   519-601-2378 (601-BEST)

Toronto 416-249-2466


Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

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